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This project concept came from a series of conversations and anonymous surveys that I'd conducted on the topic of habit as it relates to our smartphone technology. When asked if there were any habits that people associate with their smartphone, the idea of checking the phone, even when there's no need to, was a repeated statement. Some of the most compelling anonymous quotes from participants are below:

Checking- I’m constantly checking my email, or even turning it on, just to turn it on.
Checking for messages/notifications when I feel like it’s been too long since I’ve looked at my phone, even if I’m with someone or in the middle of a conversation.
But once I’ve sent a message, I expect a response, and I will check regularly - even though I know it will vibrate - or light up - to tell me I’ve received one.
I’m always checking email and Facebook ... But I feel bad about my compulsions, especially when it’s obvious the bucket is empty, but I am still clawing.